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The Unlimited Course of Life in Music

Dissolving the Individual Limitations

Comprehending the musical sequence and, simultaneously, distinguishing many different courses of life as represented in the polyphony break the listener’s limitations of his purely individual consideration of the path and thus frees him, step by step, from the bondage to the experience of only one single life-path; for, when comprehending the musical sequence, the listener becomes aware of the many, possibly infinitely many simultaneous life-paths, and his bondage to an individual life-path dissolves; in that manner he also gains relief from the emotional burden of the desire for personal gain.

Developing the Natural Sense of Community

In the musical sequence-spaces, the cognizing listener consciously unfolds into a social being; because in the sequence-worlds he overlooks the sum of individual life-paths under the aspect of one common, manifold life-pattern, and within his personal experience he therefore reaches the level of knowledge of higher musical order: he sees with the eyes of a true born sociologist.

The Simultaneity of All Life-Paths

Thus, the listener identifies the various life-paths in their manifold development described by the melodies of polyphonic music as the simultaneity of an infinitely long course of life which now proceeds as if in segments, in periods of life, in a great blaze of colours.

Highest Sociological Conveyance of Knowledge in Music

Eventually, with an even greater density and concentration of personal experience of the manifold ways, the cognizing listener reaches an infinitely long life-path in the moment of the absolute Now.